Can I use white ink in my custom artwork?

We use a 4-color (CYMK) print process, so we are able to print as many colors as you'd like to use in your design, with the exception of white. Any white areas of your design will simply knock out, allowing the natural wood to shine through.

Please keep in mind that we will need to ensure the colors in your artwork will print well on the wood, so we recommend selecting colors that you see used in other wood cards on our website.

In addition, as you may notice on some of the wood cards, there is a degree of transparency, depending on the color. Lighter colors are more transparent and allow the birch wood to show through, while darker browns, reds and greens print more opaque. We have tested many, many colors and the ones you see us use a lot are those that we know will print well.

If you see a particular color on one of our products that you would like to use in your artwork, please point it out and we will gladly provide you with the CMYK value for that color.

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