What are the design guidelines for your custom business cards?

Accepted Files

Submit your artwork as an Abode Illustrator file, PDF or 300 dpi JPG. Remember to outline your fonts and change any spot colors to CMYK. Logos, illustrations, text and photos all work great! You can upload your artwork using our easy file upload page after placing your order.

Bleeds & Safe Areas

If you'd like your design to extend to the edge of the card (i.e., full bleed), please add a 1/8" bleed to all edges. For all designs, please leave a 1/8" safe area between important design elements and the edge of the card. Since trimming isn't always an exact science, it's possible that there may be up to an 1/8" "give" on your custom card size and/or artwork placement. Of course we will always do our best to trim as accurately as we can, but it's important to consider this "give," particularly if your design requires perfect symmetry. Also keep in mind that the radius of rounded corners is 1/4".


We use a 4-color (CYMK) print process, so we are able to print as many colors as you'd like to use in your design, with the exception of white. Any white areas of your design will simply knock out, allowing the natural wood to shine through.

To ensure the colors in your artwork will print well on the wood, we recommend selecting hues similar to those that you see used in the wood cards on our website. Note that there will be a degree of transparency in the printing, depending on the ink color. Lighter colors are more transparent and allow the birch wood to show through, while darker browns, reds and greens print more opaque.

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