Where do you get the wood that you use for your cards?

To ensure we're always able to get the highest-quality wood for our products when we need it, we source our wood from several different companies in the U.S., and the common thread between them is that they all employ sustainable-yield harvesting procedures.

You might find it interesting to know that ONE single log will produce THOUSANDS of wood cards! It actually takes less wood to make wood veneer cards than it does to make regular paper cards. In addition, the wood is 100% natural, so the card will biodegrade. And because no chemicals are used in the production process, you can rest assured that the cards will not harm the environment during the decomposition process.

At this time, all of the wood that we use is specially made for Night Owl Paper Goods but if you'd like to obtain some of your own, we do offer blank cards for purchase on our website in the Do It Yourself category and we also offer custom printing if you supply the artwork. Information on custom printing your own artwork on wood can be found online in the Custom Cards category.

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