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2012 Flower Owl Calendar
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2012 Flower Owl Calendar: Front
2012 Flower Owl Calendar: Back
2012 Flower Owl Calendar: Hoot!
2012 Flower Owl Calendar: What a hoot as a group!
2012 Flower Owl Calendar: Hand assembling in the works!
2012 Flower Owl Calendar: As Seen On - Cutest, most original wall calendar!
2012 Flower Owl Calendar
hanging calendar
This one-of-a-kind birch wood calendar is an absolute hoot!
Hang it in your office, on your fridge or with your owl collection!
8" x 10"
Printed on eco-friendly, sustainably-harvested wood
Sliced thin from a small amount of raw material
100% cotton cord eyes/hanger
Wood grain varies
Packaged in a clear bag
100% biodegradable and recyclable with paper goods

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